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Main Street
9876 Anytown

11 am - 3 pm
5 pm - 11 pm


Located a few steps from the empblematic Paseo del Born, in Brondo street, ina privileged setting, surrounded by shops and large tree-lined avenues and places where you can disconnect a little from everiday life, we have created a grastronomic space ideal for all types of palates.

With a vintage decoration, our spaces offer our customers a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

INGREDIENTS... Everything prepared at the moment, ith carefully selected market ingredients. The key to make food from good to exceptional is to keep recipes simple, cooking with passion and above all to use high quality ingredients. Because of those ingredients, you get the special flavour you will find in our tapas and dishes. A flavour that will leave you wondering how something as simple as an anchovy not only fills the stomach, but also the soul.